Cryptic is in the studio . . .

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

Cryptic is officially recording their debut album "The Gates"

Cryptic's band members are officially in the studio working on their debut album. The album will be titled "The Gates" and will be a pseudo concept album following the life, death, and resurrection of a rock musician.

“All the songs for the album have been written. The songs will have an old school thrash feel with many progressive twists. Listeners shouldn't be bored with this one." ~Keith Dobson

The title track has been recorded and is ready for release. The official sneak peek of the song has been released on YouTube and the official Cryptic website. It will be hitting all major online music distributors and streaming services within the near future. Stay tuned for details.

Keep your eyes and ears open. "The Gates" is coming very soon!

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